1 March 2014

ONE LINE A DAY | A Five Year Memory Book


| A Five Year Memory Book |

When I came across this amazing little book, I was SO excited to get my hands on one. I'm a big fan of documenting the happenings in my life, whether it be through journals or a memory box. Last years memory box was the best idea I've had yet. It made the coming of the new year that bit more exciting, whilst reminding me how many amazing memories the last year had brought. Hence, why I have bought this!
So this book cost me the grand total of £10 - BARGAIN! For 5 years worth of memories and experiences I'd say that is well worth the money.

This little thing might possibly be the cutest little book I've seen. It has a Tiffany blue cover with gold embossed text and gold edged pages -all 365 of them. In terms of it size 'pocket size' is the wrong term, but it is definitely not far off, as I was expecting it to be a lot bigger. It's the perfect size for taking with you on your travels!

The first page of the book has a section titled 'if found please return to' for you to fill in your details just in case you misplace it (Make sure you do this! Imagine loosing it on year 4). Each page after that is split into five sections, with the date at the top, and the year for you to fill in. It also has a string bookmark attached so you don't have to flick through the book everyday to find the right page.

All in all I love my new little memory book. I really cannot wait to go through the years and fill it in to look back on when I am old and grey. 

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