15 March 2014

Modelling | Breathtaking Scenery

All photo credits are as follows.
Model: Alice Thorpe
Photographer: Julie Najim
MUA&Hair: Vanessa Dawson

You see that girl standing there? That is me! 

How crazy is this picture!? I have no words fitting enough to describe how utterly breathtaking and beautiful this place was. I decided it was too nice not to share with you all the images from my shoot and the experience.

It was a total fluke how I managed to find this place. I was on a long drive down the M62, after a long day at work. I was half asleep and barely with it. But something woke me up and I saw these stunning views. Straight away I knew it would be a perfect place for a shoot.

After doing a lot of Google Maps searches and getting in touch with a local photographer named Julie Najim I managed to arrange a very spontaneous shoot for two days later.

The lovely and amazingly talented Vanessa Dawson did my hair and makeup on the day. She put heated curlers in my hair for a 'hollywood glam' look and then created a gorgeous brown smokey eye with nude lips to tie the whole thing together.

 Luckily I don't have a fear of heights, as there was a very substantial drop below me. I clambered over the rocks into position and I have never felt more relaxed and at peace in my life - to say I had such an audience. (I was being photographed by two photographers Julie and Sydney Barnett, Vanessa was watching in awe and some random dog walkers were taking sneaky pics.)

It was AH-MA-ZING!


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