22 March 2014

Modelling | Pretty Flowers & Sunshine

That's me modelling again! This time the scenery was slightly less spectacular - but we made it work!

Firstly, ignore the title of this post, the sun wasn't shining at all, it was absolutely FREEEEEZING! But with some camera magic and a bronzed face, we managed to mask the cold British weather.

Vanessa and I decided on a boho spring theme for this weeks shoot. We wanted to make our own head garland so it looked unique. Plus, the ones online are hella expensive! With our budget of less than £10 we made a gorgeous garland. Yet another BARGAIN!!

For the makeup Vanessa did her thing and came up with this soft pastel pink and blue smokey eye. It's far from my day-to-day style but I actually loved how dainty and cute it looked.
Perfect for a boho spring shoot!

Now here's a look at our resourceful-ness..

With it still being below 10 degrees in England it was hard to find anything remotely 'spring' like. Luckily I spotted this cute tree with white blossoms.This tree happened to be in the middle of a housing estate where we got a lot of funny looks and even the owner - who was a little old man - just looked over (like WTF) then carried on carelessly.

Below is a photo from that tiny little tree! Turned out okay don't you think?

After a fun few hours scouting locations and getting slightly windswept, we had the shots we wanted. I will post all the pics soon!

It was another great day with a great friend, Thanks Vanessa!

Speak to you all soon,

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