16 April 2014

Modelling | Metallic Warrior

I might just be getting the hang of this modelling malarki! Although it is still really strange seeing myself in all of these wacky outfits with crazy hair and makeup. I'm so critical of myself, I know I shouldn't be, but that one of those annoying traits we get blessed with at around the age of 12.

This photo was taken by the wonderful Bethany Elise. All of her work is amazing! She puts so much time and passion into what she does, and you can see this through her work. You definitely need to go check her out here.

Makeup and hair was done by the always amazing Vanessa Dawson. She created a masterpiece of a hair-do that looked like an awesome mowhawk. We took lots of pics showing the hair so I will post them as soon as I get them. Of course the makeup was done to perfection. Silver eyeliner on the lower lids, black brushstrokes above the eyes and perfect contouring to bring out the structure of my face - loved it! 

I love how these shoots I do come together. A collaboration of passionate people wanting to spread their talents and expand their work. I met Bethany through a group of local photographers, after advertising that myself and Vanessa had an idea for a metallics shoot. The day of the shoot was fun and relaxed, we all added our own flare to the work and I'm in love with the finished result! We tried a few different looks so watch out for those images too.

I hope you enjoy these random little posts about what I have been getting upto with my modelling venture. I have a few more shoots lined up, so I'm sure I will be sharing some more pictures with you soon.

Thank you for being lovely and reading my rambling.

Love, Alice x

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