2 April 2014

Travelling | Trains and Tribulations

Today's post is a little different to usual, as I find myself sat on a train crammed to the brim with uptight looking people.

After having to take loads of solo train rides in the past month or two, I've noticed that the British attitude to eye contact is far from friendly and welcoming. You find yourself darting your way through crowds of un happy looking travelers, avoiding all social interaction. In fear of being branded a creep - but why?

The whole experience for me is entertaining. Being that I'm a huge lover of 'people watching' I find standing in a busy station rather enjoyable. I also find train rides so relaxing. Although I'm not a fan when personal space goes out the window because you have found yourself sat next to a rather odd smelling man eating loaves of bread (yes that happened, he got crumbs everywhere!!). 

In this instance however, I have gotten lucky. I'm sat next to a rather attractive male who smells rather lovely, well at least I think hes attractive, using my peripheral vision to have a look is rather difficult. Also the irrational fear I and many people have of being branded a creep is stopping this possible love story - LOL (Hopefully he's not reading this, or if he is I hope he agrees hehe) I'll let you know how this goes!

I know this post was a little different to usual, but I hope you enjoyed reading it nonetheless.



(p.s. nothing interested happened with the lovely smelling male specimen and I :( )

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