12 June 2014

Modelling | Four Elements

Earth - Water - Fire - Wind

Model: Alice Thorpe 
Makeup&Hair: Vanessa Dawson
Photography: Alastair Bell

These images are from a shoot I did a month or so ago with a very talented pair of professionals. The shoots theme, as you have probably guessed by now, is the four main elements of the earth. We took our own adaptations of each of these elements and created this series of images.

Now the description is done, can I just say how incredibly thrilled I am with these images! They turned out far better than I had imagined and even though i say so myself - I don't scrub up too bad.

As with anyone I am very critical of myself and always question whether doing a little bit of modelling is me being big headed or I don't know, vain? But after seeing these images and having so many people comment on how much they love these photos, it has been a massive boost to my confidence. I kind of want to pursue this little venture more, I'm young, its fun and its all experience that is really valuable in this kind of industry.

Now to talk a little bit about the team I worked with. Of course, my newly named 'partner in creative crime' Vanessa Dawson was responsible for all the hair and makeup. And i'm sure you would agree that it looks absolutely flawless - as always. She really took the interpretation of the elements to another level. Putting her own creative flare and imagination into the styling, and this really shows through in the images. I love her to bits, so of course I will always talk highly of her, shes like a big sister I never had. But taking an outsiders point of view, I really do trust in her work 100%, she always delivers exactly what you ask for and she is of course a pleasure to work with. She actually wrote a lovely blog post about me and her passion for the industry so I will link that here and I would love for you to go and check it out.

As for the photography, the man behind the lens was Alastair Bell. I knew little of Alastair and his work before this series of shoots, but I have to say I love the outcome and how he managed to transform myself and Vanessa's crazy ideas into a workable product - I take my hat off to him. Also it has to be said that the behind the scenes from these photos was mainly Alastair lugging about heavy equipment in the middle of the woods, balancing himself over a bath tub and transforming his garage into a perfect working studio. He really does work hard for his images but you can see he also love what he does, which truly shows through these images.

Anyway I think that is enough of me rambling. Well done to any of you who managed to get this far without getting bored. Again I would like to say a massive thank you to Alastair and Vanessa for working with me. And I hope that you guys like these images as much as we do!

Alice x

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