12 June 2014

Where the F*** Have I Been!? | ohhitsonlyalice

Where have I been?

To be completely honest guys, I'm not sure I even have a valid excuse to why I haven't been writing blog posts. I guess you could say laziness and a lack of motivation comes into play. However I have been keeping up with my youtube happenings, which is good! Because I have to say I much prefer sitting and talking to you face-to-face (kinda) that sat behind a computer screen typing. Although saying that I do love writing and expressing myself this way so I must get back into it!!

Anyway, the aim of this post is to get you all upto date on my YouTube venture. I have SIX new videos that I haven't share with you guys - sorry! So down below I have written a short description on each video along with a link so that you can go and check them out. That is if you want to of course!

I share with you my little tips on how to stay positive and how to remember the good times.

The clue is in the title really!  A review on the newly released BB range from Estee Lauder - love it!

6 simple and quick ways to spice up your hairstyles with cute banandas.

After travelling to london for 4 days with the tiniest bag EVER!! I decided to show you some tips and tricks on how to pack light!

This charger is a life saver if you're like me and paranoid about batteries dying. Highly recommend.

Here is a little throwback to my old youtube channel in time with the world cup!

Finally, I just want to thank you all so much for supporting me and forcing me to get my ass back into action.

Love Alice

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