16 August 2014

5 Ways to Wear a Bandana

Did you buy a bandana? Are you fed up of wearing it the same way? Well I have five simple and cute ways to style your favourite bandana.

I have a video explaining how to achieve these looks step by step. Or if you prefer you can read how to here!

1. Side Braid
This is probably the easiest look to achieve. First of all you need to part your hair from your ears (like you would for a half updo). Place the bandana in between the sections of hair and double knot it. You can put the knot at the front or back of your head, its up to you. Then you need to pull you hair to one side of your head and braid it loosely.

2. Vintage Quiff
For this look you will need some hair grips / bobby pins. First of all you need to create a small quiff. To do this, grab the front section of your hair, backcomb it slightly and then twist it to create a small 'poof'. Pin it in place with a few grips. Then place your hair in either a pony tail or bun. I went for a messy bun which I pinned in place with some more grips. Now take your bandana and tie in in between the 'poof' and the bun. And voila!

3. Milk Maid
The quirkiest of the group is this 'milk maid' look. At first glance it looks quite complicated but once you have done it once or twice you will be a pro. first of all tie your bandana around your head. Then take a section of hair from the front and loop it over and under the bandana. Repeat this process all around the head until all of your hair is up and tucked away! Watch the video to see how its done.

4. Bandana Bun
Another simple look. For this just you can have a donut bun or a messy bun, then all you need to do is wrap the bandana around the bun and thats it!

5. Half Milk Maid
This one is the same as the Milk Maid but instead of having all of the hair wrapped around the bandana, you only do the front sections. This creates a half updo style look!

And that's it! Five new ways for you to wear a bandana. If I have confused you at all, don't forget that I have a youtube video explaining it all step by step.

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