28 August 2014

Amazing CHEAP Products for Dry Skin & Hair

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If you want to savour your summer tan, I high recommend using a gradual tanner. This is my tanner of choice as it doesn't have an amazingly strong smell of burnt toast, and it slowy builds up a nice brown colour leaving your skin looking even more sun kissed and nourished than before.

Aftersun should be a staple piece in your skincare routine. Both during and after your holiday, using an aftersun prevents your skin from peeling (whether you burnt or not) and it keeps it looking and feeling silky soft and hydrated. This particular cream is perfect for sensitive skin.

This One Tame Your Tousles

The hotter weather, chlorine and seawater can cause havoc to your hair. For those girls who have seemingly untameable frizz, I recommend you trying this little gem I found. I purchased it from Superdrug and fell in love. Applying to to damp hair after washing this cream drys and prevent that unruly frizz.

This product may just be my favourite of the bunch. The ends of my hair get extremely dry and straw like whilst abroad so I made sure to apply generous helpings of this stuff to the ends of my hair whilst it was damp to rehydrate my locks. I also took more drastic action and applied it to my dry ends over night and it worked wonders! No more straw hair.

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