23 August 2014

Lots of Cute Hair Accessories | ohhitsonlyalice

Ever get bored of how your hair looks? But don't know how to mix it up? Well here is your answer.

Wow, did you enjoy my super cheesy intro? Lets just get straight to business. I have lots of hair accessories that are cheap and easy to incorporate into your everyday hair looks. Perfect for school or just everyday, these will spice up your day to day style.

I have a video showing you some ways to wear these accessories, so go and check that out too!

Lets do this!!

Bows have been cute since you were a little girl. So why not wear them now? You can find them in tons off different fabrics, patters and colours. So theres definitely going to be one out there that suits you! There's tons of ways to wear bows but this way is my favourite.

New in to the fashion world are headwraps! These have got to be my favourite new style piece as they are perfect for those down days. Great if your hair is looking a little dirty, headwraps can cover those greasy locks whilst still looking super cute.

The classic bandana is making a break through. Stereotypically worn by rockers, these fun squares of fabric can mix up your look in so many different ways. I have two videos showing you lots of ways to style bandanas, so go and check them out. Video 1 - Video 2

Scrunchies take me way back to the 90's, I loved these things when I was a little girl. I love the innocent look these cute bobbles can give a simple pony tail. You can find these in so many different styles for no cost at all. Also, scrunchies are better for your hair as they don't tug at it like regular bobbles do - BONUS!

Headbands are making a comeback in my opinion. Again they come in so many different styles and are so versatile. You can wear them with your hair down or up, and they add a little touch of cute-ness to a plain old 'do'.

Ribbon / Lace
Now this accessory I stumbled upon whilst looking through my craft box. Ribbons are an adorable addition to your average hairdo. Super simple and effortless, in a minute you can add these to your look for yet another cute hairstyle.

Wired Hair Bands
Wired hair bands are a MUST in your hair-drobe. These add a girly touch to your hair without tugging at your hair and damaging it. You can wear them with the 'ears' up or tucked in. And they can even be fashioned into a headwrap.

Going back to 2000 I decided to dig out my flower clips and use these again. I was obsessed with these in school and I've rekindled my love for them. Adding them to the end of your hair twists creates interest and adds a bohemian vibe to your hair.

Well, that's it! I have shown you all my new favourite accessories that I use to mix up my day to day look. 

Let me know if you try any of these looks! 

Much Love,

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