24 September 2014

Amazing Cheap Makeup, That Actually Works!


It's boring old me again! Today I am going to try and actually write a factual post, instead of directing you towards my video. Being super busy with work and posting two videos a week, means I have less and less time to actually sit down and write something. Which is a shame, because I enjoy it. So here goes, I'm currently sat in my christmas onesie watching DIY SOS and I'm ready to go.

Now to start, I actually have posted a video all about my Makeup Revolution collection so of you prefer, you can go and watch that here;

Makeup Revolution was a chance find. I was scrolling around Pinterest trying to find dupes (a.k.a cheap copies) of high end makeup products. As I'm trying to save the pennies and am not one to spend ridiculous amounts of eye shadows and blush, I can't resist searching for a bargain. After seeing the new Naked 3 Palette, which retails for around £30, I REALLY wanted one, but thats a hell of a lot of money for some eyeshadow, right?

Makeup Revolution is by far the best presented 'cheap' makeup brand I have come across. The packaging is spot on and the products themselves are brilliant. I actually managed to pick up a blusher and lipstick too for £1 each which is unheard of. Both of which are brilliant for their price and do their job just fine. But my favourite purchase was definitely the Redemption 3 Pallete which was an gobsmacking £4!?!?!

As you can see the pallet features such pretty colours. It swatches beautifully and the colours last all day. Apologies for my last photo being out of focus, I'm new at this swatching business and clearly need and camera man.

I'm not sure I really need to say much more as you can see for yourself how gorgeous the colours are. I highly recommend you try this if you're looking for results similar to the higher end products without having to fork out the money.

Don't forget to watch my video if you want some more info about Makeup Revolution.

What is your favourite affordable makeup brand?

Alice x

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