6 September 2014

Sudocrem: Miracle Must Have Skin Cream!!

Ahh, where do I start? My love for the Sudocrem brand just keeps on growing. If you have been following my blog / channel for a while then you probably already know about my huge love for this amazing little miracle cream! 

Firstly this cream can be used on almost any kind of skin irritation. As said by the brand themselves Sudocrem can be used on;

- Cuts 
- Grazes
- Minor Burns
- Bed Sores

Sudocrem is sensitive skin friendly, as it was originally made for babies to treat (believe it or not) nappy rash!! The initial thought of putting nappy rash cream on your skin may seem a little strange. But trust me, after one use you will love it just as much as I do.

Infact, I have even taken to creating 'Sudocrem face masks' with this stuff. As it works wonders on drying out brewing spots and relieving any redness from irritated skin. All you need to do is slather a thin layer onto your mush and leave it on as long as you want. You can even sleep in it over night, which is usually what I do. But make sure you protect your pillows as you may wake up with white cream all over your duvet - I learnt that the hard way.

I have recently come across the Sudocrem Skin Care cream, which seems to be the same formula, in a handy travel sized tube. Yet, it is lacking the 'nappy rash cream' label! Phew!! So if you're looking for a quick fix whilst at home or on the go - this is your cream. 

This handy little miracle tube is a mere £1.99 from Boots. Also being sold from popular retailers such as Tescos, Superdrug, Wilkos and some Pharmacies. 

You can read more about this wonderful product on their website sudocrem.co.uk

Let me know if you use Sudocrem, I want to find some fellow lovers. And if you're new to it, let me know how you get on.

Much Love

**Sudocrem Skin Care Cream was sent to me. I was not paid to review this product. All opinions are my own.**

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