19 January 2015

Week 3 - Freezing my butt off and Injuring myself


This week has been a whole lot more exciting than the last -as expected. I did a bit of modelling for a newly discovered photographer on Wednesday. Then I went to Leeds for a couple of days this weekend.

Its always a little nerve wracking going to do a shoot with a photographer that you haven't worked with before. Just because everyone has their own style. Some photographers spend time positioning you into the perfect position, making sure your left pinky finger is in exactly the right position. Whereas others leave you, as the model, to move freely and just snap away until you get the right shot. I prefer those kind of shoots as it give more freedom and the photos seem more relaxed. Thats completely my personal opinion but I like to work that way when I am acting as either the photographer or the model. Its how they always do it on Americas Next Top Model Anyway - lol.

I've attached a couple of the photos to the top of this post. Although, I'm not to sure why I feel the need to tell you that as you have obviously just scrolled past them in order to be reading this - shut up Alice. But I really love how they turned out. Considering that it was almost in the minus degrees and I was freezing my butt of and turning blue, they look so so good don't you think? The major part being because the photographer Michal Ufniak works to such a high standard and edits in an editorial style that he managed to transform the photos into a warm peaceful looking scene. Rather that the windy, blustery, running nose scene that it actually was. I'm sure I'll get a few more photos back which I will be posting on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so be sure to follow me on those if you would like to see them.

The end of my week was spent in Leeds. After having my weekly sleepover at my grandmas house I rushed home, stressed about what outfits to take and then my friend Rachel drove us. It was nice being there sober and walking through the city centre able to actually appreciate it. I ordered a McDonalds through a fancy but complicated touch screen and almost left my receipt for the next person to have my chicken nugget meal, it was a close call. We went for a 'browse' and I managed to bag a bargain dress from New Look for only £8!! I wasn't in need of a dress of course, but who can pass up a gorgeous dress for that price, right?

Of course every time I am in Leeds we go out, as a 19 year old in a city full of students you cannot refuse a night out there. If you're into that kind of thing, I'm sure you'll love it. I took a dusty bottle of tequila from home that I've been avoiding and I definitely had one to many. Not the nicest of things to drink I must say.

A bit worse for wears we dragged ourselves out of bed the next day and went to view houses for my friends for next year. It felt so alien to me, as I still live at home. But I love all things like that so it was fun looking around places. It was also an added bonus that the estate agent was super hot with a lovely bum. We spent the rest of the day recovering and ordered a huge banquet from Pizza Hut. I can't believe we were defeated after just one night out. But pizza in pajamas definitely was the better option.

Now I am home and have replied to some comments on my YouTube channel and laughed at my dad spending three hours of his morning trying to dig out a delivery truck that got stuck in the mud behind our house - its a long story.

So this week has been good! I'm looking forward to starfishing in my own bed tonight of course. But I really want to try and travel more even if its just to one of my friends at university. Cause anything beats sitting at home feeling sorry of myself. Even for me who loves being alone!

Well, thats it for this week. If you read this far, thank you and well done. Tweet me for a gold star! 

Love Alice x

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