26 January 2015

Week 4 - Back on that work grind!




I couldn't decide which photo I wanted to accompany this weeks post so I have given you almost a photo a day showing my week.

It has been a busy one, just how I like it! Although I'm a massive lover of being lazy and not moving for days, I think I love being busy just as equally, as I feel so much better knowing that I've got sh*t done.

The week started off with, well, actually I'm not sure what as the only photo I took on Monday was of me lounged on my bed after dancing. So other than a really good dance lesson, that was my Monday.

Actually! I just remembered that I went shopping for onesies and bras with my mum on Monday - super fun of course.

On Tuesday I found myself at my local college / university with the always brilliant Vanessa. She had an assignment for her SFX makeup course and asked me to come along to be her guinea pig. As I'm used to being one for her I HAD to say yes. She came up with the best idea that I was an Addams family character. I was actually called Forbidden Addams, who was the love child of Morticia and Frankenstein. And because I was a child from an affair I was locked away and looked half Frankenstein and half Morticia. What a brilliant idea right!? Not going to lie I was half tempted to to drive back through town dressed like her but I decided against it. I already attract weird people as it is!

Another shoot came my way on Wednesday but this one was at the total opposite end of the spectrum. I was a bride. A well known local photographer asked me to model some of her wedding dresses for a new business venture she's embarking on. It was a really lovely day, I worked with a whole new group of people and I wasn't half as awkward or shy as expected - so thats good. Also I had my hair pinned up which was strange for me but I think it looked half decent and a few of them said I looked elegant as a posed - woaa!

Wednesday I also my weekly time to head to my Grandmas, help out around the house, cook dinner and then sleep over. I turned up all dolled up from my shoot, we went to B&Q for paint supplies for one of our many projects (I'll tell you about those another time) then we we're going to go out but we couldn't decide, so ended up in ASDA for a 'little shop' as my Grandma said. Which resulted in a whole trolley full of cans of food, milk and other really heavy items. Leading me to think that along with the cans of paint my poor little 1.2 litre Corsa wouldn't make it up any hills on the way home. It did in the end! We then put our onesies on, cooked our rubbish frozen pizzas and decided not to try and be adventurous and just cook our own food instead of going out.

I actually made sure I had the whole day on Thursday to spend at Grandmas. We pottered around and then randomly at 2pm decided it was a good time to start painting. Even though it was getting dark. So enevitably looking at the paint job now, there are more white bits than beige so I'll have to do that again - oops! Oh and I also found it hilarious that I 'graffitied' her wall so of course I took a selfie.

Friday was a work day. My boss has just moved house so I've been organising the new office and trying to downsize from our old one. It's been tricky but we're getting there! I made myself the best baguette sandwich to take for a packed lunch. I'll have to show you how I do it one day, mmmm. After work I headed to Tesco for a phone case for my boss, they didn't have any so I bought a candle (its so yummy smelling) and found my friend on the way out telling me she'd stalked me again and parked next to me, so this was the only photo from friday.

As for this weekend, it has been a working weekend. Slowly but surely I will be working more and more leading into the summer. It's been nice to be back but work is work you know. I woke up at 6.30 and got home a 6pm  today so I was rather tired but it was a very successful day at an event!

Right, I have noooo idea who in their right mind will have read all of this babble. To be honest its more for me as a personal diary, and if anyone along the way enjoys reading it thats a bonus!

Lots of lovessssss,

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