3 February 2015

Week 5 - Have I edited 100,000 photographs!?

Bez, my boss' dog who wanted a kiss!


Well, I very almost forgot to even write this post! I'm usually super organised and like to have it written by Sunday night and ready to post on Monday evening but clearly that didn't happen.

This past week hasn't been quite as productive as the one before. To be honest thats usually how it goes with my life. I'm so busy all at once and then have nothing to do for ages. There's not really an in between but at least that means I get the best of both worlds!

The week began with work as usual. I have to go to the office on a Monday to edit the remainder of the weekends photos and get them saved and ready for the website. I'm pretty sure I could edit photos in my sleep now. God knows how many individual photos I have edited in my life time, I'd love to know the exact number, because I'm positive that it would be mind boggling. The editing didn't take as long as it sometimes does so I had time to go to Vanessa's salon for a long overdue hair cut. She made it look so shiny and sleek and the ends are so much healthier now. (Note to self: don't be lazy and get your hair cut more often, it looks so bad otherwise.) A downside to getting my hair done however was that it triggered a random migraine. I decided it was from getting my head pulled around and such so thats crap! I actually had to call my mum so she could get dropped off and drive me and my stranded car home. I knew that was gonna happen one day! Migraines are the worst.

Tuesday was a blur, I remember trying to film a time lapse video of me drawing but my filming light gave me a headache again so I abandoned all hope and spent the day watching crap TV. Although I think I managed to film a babbling video about modelling so well done me. Also I went to mums work to watch people train and catch up with everyone. She works at a martial arts studio btw.

Wednesday and Thursday was the usual weekly visit to my Grandmas. We've been painting the back room and FINALLY got it finished. It was far too tedious for my liking because every time I looked back I had missed a bit. But it does look really good now and totally different which is just what she wanted. We had a more successful dinner this week after last weeks not going to plan. Although G did loose the veg for the stir fry so after wracking her brain I was about to go out and get more when she found in her wardrobe. Yes, her wardrobe. She'd bought a throw from Tesco and it found its way into the same bag. Bless.

Oh, and I also finally managed to get my windscreen wipers changed! Having a car is both great and frustrating, something that needs looking after when I'm rubbish at looking after myself. But it did feel like I'd just put on a pair of new glasses when I looked through my mirror and could actually see through my back window instead of it being covered in dirt. I had a blonde moment leaving garage thinking my interior light was stuck on. Turns out I'd turned them on myself with a button I didn't even realise existed.

Friday, again, the usual pre working weekend setup. Getting the computers ready for the events ahead and sorting out the office. Slowly but surely we're sorting out the office to a workable space. Plus I'm totally converting my boss into my organised ways. RESULT!

Saturday was a girls shopping day that my brother tagged along to. We went to dunelm and the range for various bits for G's house. And Sunday was work. Woohoo. It was a long long day this week. 16 hours in total. But we did get a KFC and oreo Krushems on the way home so that made it a little better!

Thoughts I'm having this week.. I'm sharing an awful lot with the interwebs by writing this blog. Maybe I ought to cut it down a little. But then I also love reading my life back? Hmm. Thoughts.

Love Alice x

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