9 February 2015

Week 6 - Full of ups and Downs

This week has been full of ups and downs. I'm not going to elaborate as much as I did previously. Because frankly sharing that much of my personal life to the internet isn't really my cup of tea. I realise this could get more readers than expected. So just remember guys when you post to the internet it is there forever so you really need to think about how much you want out there.

This week went from amazing highs, to pretty crappy lows. I finally managed to drive down the motorway after putting it off for 19 months. It was sooo good and I was full of adrenaline afterwards. I also filmed a lookbook with my good friend Charlotte, she's ace, full of energy and crazyness, really great. It was such a good day and we already have plans to film more because she was that good! I also filmed a drawing time lapse and can't wait to post that. 

Along the lines of YouTube I hit 900 subscribers too yesterday! That is so so crazy to me I'm so proud of my little community and even prouder of the fact that those subs aren't from the silly 'sub for sub' trend. But that they are actually genuine people who enjoy my content and want to support me. So if you're one of my subscribers / viewers - thank you!

As for the lows, again, I'm not sure how much I want to share. But just know that it's been pretty confusing. Trying to be happy about all the good things that are happening but always having that thing there that will always upset me or make me question things. Ahh, I don't even know. Maybe I need to speak about how I feel, or write or just face it. I'm not sure. But I'm taking comfort in the fact that I'm not the only one.

Love Alice x

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