7 March 2015

10 Things We Know We Shouldn't Do, But Do Them Anyway

Image Source: http://thechicestchick.tumblr.com/

1. Eating that extra slice of cake after promising yourself you would only have a 'cheeky bite'.

2. Picking those pesky spots. No matter how many times your mum told you as a teen that it makes them worse.

3. Quickly escaping from the shop, instead of telling the checkout assistant that they gave you extra change. Every little helps right?

4. Wee'ing in the shower. C'mon, admit it! It all goes down the same drain, right?

5. Telling friends you can't make a night out due to 'work commitments'. However in reality you will probably be spending the night watching Netflix or playing Sims.

6.  Avoid washing your makeup brushes for ages. Knowing they're full of gunk, but who cares. Washing them takes too long. You have the Breaking Bad series to finish.

7. Not taking the empty toilet roll off of the holder. Instead resting a new roll on top of the loo and struggling to read for it when.. you know.

8. Putting empty food boxes back in the cupboard. It saves time right? And mum always moans about having to empty the bin so often.

9. Spending too many hours online window shopping, adding that ridiculously expensive pair of shoes to your cart. You could cut down on food to buy them, couldn't you?

10. Fridays t-shirt isn't that creased or dirty? It's only Monday. Plus I didn't do THAT much this weekend. Body heat will iron the creases. Saves doing the washing.
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