8 June 2015

My Everyday Jewellery

I've never been one to wear lots of accessories, mainly because I get bored of them way too easily.  Although in my old age (I'm almost 20 and that scares me) I have come to love wearing my daily statement pieces.


I know, I know, these bracelets became a bit of a 'fad' and all of us know at least three people who own a Pandora. I received mine for my 18th birthday. It was almost full with charms, as my mum went a little crazy. Over time I've collected more charms with more meanings behind them, and I love it!! I can recall who bought each one, and for what reason. It's a bracelet of memories and love - cringe - but true.


After my brother jokingly naming me Princess Alice, I actually liked that title, so for my 18th this ring was a gift from my Grandma & Grandad. It means a whole lot to me and I wear it almost everyday, especially since the passing of my Grandad, it reminds me of him. I'm pretty sure this ring will remain on my finger forever.


This bracelet was also a gift for my 18th birthday. From my always lovely and kind Auntie Amanda. She's one of those people who can't help enough and nothing is ever too much. She's not actually a blood relative, but gosh has she been there for our family a whole lot more than my real family members. Its true that friends are the family you chose along the way. Another happy memory.

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