18 July 2015

Primark Nails Are AMAZING!!

I have come to realise that I have an unhealthy obsession with those little packets of fake nails from Primark.

Any British girl will have seen them, a lot are reluctant to try them. However I broke the silence and picked some up.


They're the perfect quick fix for those last minute night outs to cover your worn and chipped manicure, the times you just fancy being a bit girly without the commitment (or money) that comes with acrylics. And maybe like me for those times when I'm going to a photoshoot and the photographer expects THE perfect nails (which FYI I don't think anyone has).

For a measly £1 you can bag yourself a packet of these wonderful little gems. With that you'll have a fab new set of nails to flaunt - sometimes you can even squeeze two sets out of them! A 50p manicure - bargain.

I've actually used these nails on and off for over a year now. They don't last for ages, and you will 100% ping one off and lose it. However just keep the packet and glue with you and you'll be good to go again in no time.

Best £1 you'll spend!

Image Source: www.goldenmirrorsandpinkbows.be

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