31 July 2015

Signs That You're Getting Old

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I've noticed a few changes in myself as I grow older, I wonder if it's just me or do any of you relate to these things?

- The homeware section in ALL shops is heavenly

- Tupperware is so exciting, so many shapes, so many sizes, so many possiblities

- Meeting for coffee to gossip rather that hanging in your bedroom listening to Soulja Boy

- Second guessing that extra large slice or cake - your metabolism is nothing like it used to be

- The thought of bed time and bath time is super exciting

- Playing kiss chase with boys is no longer acceptable

- Alcohol does infact taste nice

- Wine is also growing on me

- Candles are very appealing, especially the ones in cute jars

- Doing cartwheels and handstands isn't as easy at all

- Your money no longer goes only to corner shop sweets, mizz magazine or new clothes for your bratz doll

Are there anything you would add to this list? Comment below.
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