10 August 2015

The Coconut Oil CRAZE!

Ahhh Coconut Oil..

So as some of you may know, coconut oil has become a bit of a 'thing'. Its has countless uses and amazing results (apparently), so naturally I had to buy myself some.

I bought the Biona Organic Raw Coconut oil here and I kind of think I love it. Especially for use on my hair and keeping it moisturised now I have bleached ends.

There are hundreds of uses for this stuff which you can easily find by searching on the internet.

I also came across an article about a lady of 70 who looked like she was 30 and she said it was down to using coconut oil for EVERYTHING. And I'm all up for looking young for ages right!?

Image Source: http://strawberriesandfacecream.com/going-coconuts/
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