20 February 2016

Lincoln Life

This post orignally was kind of a sneaky one. I was updating my blog so used this photo as a little test image. Although now, I think is about time that I actually talk to you guys.

Lincoln Life - It's actually a whole lot easier to live alone than I first thought. As some of you may know, if you follow my videos or social media. I moved from a shared flat to a studio apartment, which I can very happily say was THE best decision. The old flat just wasn't good for me and getting out of there has really boosted my mood and motivation for the rest of the semester.

Some how I managed to pass last semester with a really good grade, and even got an email from someone high up in the university to congratulate me. So that was a major confidence boost. Hopefully I'll be able to match that result this time.

Anyway that's all from me, let me know if you like reading my blog posts. If so, what kind of posts do you like? I need some inspiration.
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